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6 Aug 2005

What’s Hot? Pt. I

As Paul might say, “fool, I’ll tell you what’s hot.” The French Horns live Last night was our first show with violinist Jesse Long and I proclaim it to be one of our best. He played on five or six songs and added those melodies we missed so much as a trio. Besides that, I

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6 Jul 2005

They’ve gone too far

Another Google toy: A 3D interface to the planet. Like Picassa, they bought this one, too. Formerly known as Keyhole.

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5 Jul 2005

Quite an accomplishment

Congratulations, Dana!

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4 Jul 2005

New home

Kathleen lives here now and things couldn’t be better. All the great stuff she brought fits wonderfully…including eveydog! though she still sometimes gives me this “ok, this is fun, but when are we going home?” look, or the “I like you, but when does she get home?”. Maybe it’s just me; I haven’t had a

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26 Jun 2005

Last night and thoughts lately

Last night was, at least instrumentally, one of our best..I think. As for vocals, I must apologize to the five people who bothered to stay in the room because the Soft Targets, who played before us, packed up their vocal monitor after they played. They let Josh borrow a drum throne so they had to

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26 Jun 2005

Pics of mom’s 1930 Studebaker Commander

Dad writes, “We are spending our Children’s Inheritance!!”

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10 Jun 2005

Custom protocols are where it’s at

I’m so over batch files.

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10 Jun 2005

Batch files are great

Sort of… Remember DOS? and .BAT files? You can write a PHP program that, to the browser that downloads it, looks and tastes [1] like a batch file with whatever code you want [2] in there.

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7 Jun 2005

Credit and You

FL finally got free annual credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Thank Clark for the heads up. Maybe I should be a bass player. Last night I played along to Moose, Al Green, ABBA and 14 Iced Bears. Then I went to bed early. Loser!

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6 Jun 2005

Miami Art Lessons

Sandi’s is now online. She’s giving private art lessons for Miami-area kids. I based this site on my new ‘new site’ folder, which is a working empty site built on XHTML strict templates, CSS, .htaccess, and some scripts (like my form mailer).

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6 May 2005

MySpace music player bookmarklet

This bookmarklet opens the MySpace music player in a new window (Updated 2007-3-29, tested only in Opera9). Open MySpace Player ←right-click, add to bookmarks/favorites, rename it whatever you like (tested in Opera8, Firefox). I originally made this because MySpace broke their Flash embed code affecting Opera, but now that they’ve fixed that, the “Standalone Player”

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4 May 2005

I forget

If I remember to do anything these days it’s thanks to gentle, but consistent, nagging. These help with that: Ta-da Lists Quick management of multiple to-do lists. I have my list page sitting in an Opera sidebar so there’s an ambient level of nagging at all times. It simply does one thing really well. I

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29 Apr 2005

Avoiding presentational classNames

A recent Eric Meyer post got me thinking about the general problem of using presentational classes in CSS without including them in the markup. I have a few general solutions for this:

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15 Apr 2005

Desperately Seeking: My Youth

More accurately, Skate Videos!!! G&S’s “Footage” (1990, I might‘ve seen it) and Transworld’s “The Dreams of Children” (1994, don’t remember seeing it) and “Sick Boyz” (1988). “Sick Boyz” must’ve had some great distribution because our little skate shop in Huntington, WV had it, yes, on Beta. I put good mileage on my tethered remote control

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13 Apr 2005

How to help iTunes destroy your mp3 folders

I know better than to use the defaults! I go into the advanced preferences and check “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized” and change the iTunes folder to where all my neatly organized mp3s folders are. Still I don’t see any songs in the library… I’ll Import them! [Much churning] Ta Da! I now have a

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12 Apr 2005

Another year…

…Another French Horns show. This friday at Common Grounds, w/ Lyndon & The Boy and The Knife. We’ll play a couple new songs and supposedly there’ll be Adult Swim viewings and give-a-ways… However, there won’t be a foosball table made out of a Yugo.

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7 Apr 2005

Get it together

Basically, 100 ways to get your s!@% together. It makes good sense. Unresolved issues (physical, mental, financial, emotional) take energy to live with. They provide distraction, limitations, stress, uncomfortable situations, the list goes on… Of course, they want to sell you a book, but the list spells out what you need to do pretty well.

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5 Apr 2005


My girlfriend writes, Awesome! We’ve been on lockdown this afternoon because of some nut outside with a gun… we’re apparently safe now, but who knows…

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4 Apr 2005

A Warning

This came in a package at work a while back. Thankfully no one was injured by the apparently random contents. For our work’s white elephant party I added a stick of gum and a paper clip and repackaged it as a “MacGyver Tool Kit”, complete with infringing artwork.

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19 Mar 2005

Let’s make this quick

November’s French Horns show was great. December’s was to about five people after sitting through endless amelodic saxophone freakouts. Before they started the guy assured us all that, “we won’t be playing any songs tonight.” I’ll save my rant against free jazz for another time. I think 2004’s was the first Christmas in while that

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